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  • Fairy Dust Necklace

    Alice Xu

    Fairy Dust Necklace

    Fairy Dust Necklace, a romantic pendant that connects us to a fairy wonderland and brings us a little closer to... View Details
  • Sage Bundle (Small)

    Sage Bundle (Small)

    Sage is burned in ceremony and to cleanse the energy of a space. This preparation is called a “smudge stick” View Details
  • Wire Wrapped Shiva Lingam Pendant

    Wire Wrapped Shiva Lingam Pendant

    Found in only one place, the Narmada River in Western India, Shiva Lingam stones protect against negative energy and psychic... View Details
  • Heart - Labradorite Pocket Heart (1-1.5”)

    Heart - Labradorite Pocket Heart (1-1.5”)

    Protects the Aura and energy field from depletion. Chakra - All The Magician’s Stone View Details